The TriCounty Choir Institute

What is the TriCounty Choir Institute?

TriCounty Choir Institute is a group of auditioned community choirs under the direction of Linda Wallace. They rehearse from Labor Day to Memorial Day. The first semester is from Labor Day to Christmas and the 2nd semester from mid-January through Memorial Day. They can perform a wide variety of concerts during those times. The performance locales range from churches to country clubs, from retirement homes to civic gatherings.


To praise God in song and present the musical talents of the choir in a professional and heart-felt manner, and to produce a choral sound that is unique and unsurpassed in tone quality as interpreted by the talents of the director.

Where can I hear these choirs?

Check the online version of our concert schedule. You can follow the link to hear our latest concerts on YouTube. You can get a DVD or CD of our last concert," Mega Musicals", directions are on the CD and DVD page. Also available is a DVD of our last musical passion play, "Why Must He Die?". More information is on the CD's and DVD page.

Can we book these choirs for a special event?

Certainly. Contact our director Linda Wallace at 412-741-3463. The Village Singers have both a sacred and secular repertoire and can sing from September through June and tend not to sing during the summer. The Village Quartet, our exclusive male quartet, and our newly formed "Ladies of Note", our women's quartet, or the combined quartet, The Village Octet, can entertain you any month with a patriotic, valentine, spring, mother's day, spiritual, Christmas, or Easter theme.

Okay, I'm interested

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Linda Wallace, our director, at 412-741-3463. Tell either of us where you saw this. Thanks. Hope to meet you soon.

Our photo album

Everyone keeps snapping pictures of us, so I decided that it was time to put a bunch of them in one place. Take a look and see what we're all about!

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